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I use a cultural relational model of psychotherapy for adults, and a Modern Analytically Informed Interpersonal Processing approach to groups with a special interest in Chronic and Catastrophic Illness and Disability including where those issues intersect couple’s issues. My work with couples is informed by John Gottman, Harville Hendrix and Sue Johnson. Using these research and treatment models with you and your partner around issues of communication and attachment can help you to resolve problems, and achieve closer connection with each other along with a better quality of life. LGBTQIA+ ally.

Groups are an important part of my practice and provide an opportunity for multi-dimensional feedback on your interpersonal style. It is especially valuable for those whose main difficulty lies in patterns of interactions with others. Individual members find both growth and healing in group therapy, as an adjunct to individual or couple’s therapy.

Consider Joining One of the Following Groups

Consultation Group Fridays from 9-10:30am CST online

Deborah Sharp and Ryan Spencer co-lead this consultation group on Fridays from 9-10:30am CST online. They have a combined 40 years of clinical experience between them and along with their private practices have worked in Non-profit agencies, Universities, Hospitals, and Victims Services. Ryan and Deborah lead from a modern analytic perspective with a cultural relational lens. This group is designed to strengthen your professional sense of self and develop your clinical and practice management skills. The group will focus on clinical cases, transference, counter-transference, interpersonal process, parallel process and gaining insight.

Interpersonal Process Group
Women 50+
Thursday 1-2:30 pm

Interpersonal Process Group
Chronic or Catastrophic Illness or Disability
Two Saturdays per month
9-10:30 am

Interpersonal Process Group
All ages, all genders
Tuesday 3-4:30 pm
Co-facilitated with
Ryan Spencer, LMFT, CGP

Interpersonal Process Group
All ages, all genders
Tuesday 1-2:30 pm
Co-facilitated with
Ryan Spencer, LMFT, CGP

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Deborah Sharp, LCSW-S, CGP, FAGPA
3705 Medical Pkwy #520, Austin TX, 78705

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